Monday, 9 August 2010

Musing from a life lived in limbo

I spend my days analysing data with the occasional excitement over someone bringing in birthday treats (today was a rather special lemon cookie spread).

I spend my evenings making humorous comments to myself about adverts, I've come up with some real clever remarks, believe me.

This is not really of interest however.

What is rather interesting, is the following;

Coco pops new range of sugarless cereal. Same pop taste, much less sugar. I should hope that they are as yummy, although I have my doubts. It may make me feel much happier about my fifth bowl of the night mind.


When I thought I would be tripping over the pond to our American "cousins", I thought it necessary to get into the NY music scene. This is no longer my travel intentions although no experience is ever wasted, as I did come across these little gems. The first a song is itself fantastic but unfortunately the band's further explorations are a tad hit or miss..

Also this young fellow, Oberhofer. I'm not even sure if this is the best song, they're all a bit predictable - something maybe younger siblings may be into (not helped by the fact that he himself is like 12), but still, a little something for the sunny days..

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