Sunday, 15 November 2009

Laughing with a mouthful of blood.

This year has been a complete musical void for me, all the fun of last year and the whole, Paris in December, Ed Banger at it's finest, reminiscing over how good French electro was. I feel like nothing has excited me since and a part of me died late last January. Uffie is pregnant. Who needs to be reminded in such a horrible way that years of fucking and listening to techno every day has it's consequences?

So the one thing that excited me this year has been TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS.

I missed many, many a night of LMW because of various reasons, but this was the one act I was rather determined not to miss.

Make shift dinosaur costumes. Not only is this guy pioneering fashion (some stylist was so amazed by his on stage costumes she agreed to design all of his new attire), he is basically the only that has got me on board with 2009.

I managed to blag an interview with Jaguar Skills, totally by accident, but the only person I spoke to was Orlando Tobias Edward Higginbottom, a.k.a TEED. Every one of us can get some make shift dinosaur spikes. "It's all about going back to disco".

Going back to disco.



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