Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hey now (hey now)

Alexandra Burke, you have a very strange marketing campaign may I say.


Alexandra Burke - sweaty.

Firstly I was confused as to why you would want your smash hit of the summer tune "All night long" to be plugged directly alongside a supermarket brand deodorant, particularly one marketed for extra smellies as it offers some sort of ultra protection.

And on that note, why chose to collaborate with Pitbull?


He sings along to the popular "bonkers" generation rave tunes of the late 90's - kind of like a chap on the back of a bus with serious perma-gurn. I don't know if he's someone to pair up with so early on in your career.

However, in an attempt to move away from such a bitch and ho lothario, you agreed to cover the popular BELLE STARS 1985 hit popularised by it's use in the film Rain Man - Iko Iko.

I don't really get this decision either.

Maybe have a word ey.

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