Wednesday, 13 October 2010

I don't do no washing up

The new Ikea advert - I'm a fan. It's like what I hoped would happen, adverts finally aimed at me.

I did a bit of research and this was a song from the eighties - identical in fact. This leads me to believe some guy/girl was sat listening to this, after finishing her degree in some ldn uni and getting a super cool job straight away, and thought hey what a great idea.

This trail of thought kind of ruined this for me.

I am quite jealous of such people, I had hoped that they would all sort of lack talent in reality.

In conclusion, although I enjoyed this advert initially, the feeling lingered. Unfortunately then it went on to make me feel a bit shitty about my own life, and finally it dawned on my that I couldn't even afford an Ikea kitchen anyway. I don't think this is the effect adverts are supposed to have on the viewer. Further, I have decided that I don't like being at an age where more and more adverts may awaken such feelings of discontent.

Which is why I shall just read (about times of austerity).

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