Sunday, 24 October 2010

A history of the world in my bed

As an avid listener of radio four (no joke) I have caught a thing or two about this programme they have called "A history of the world in 100 objects".


Now, some of the objects were pretty good. A bone that showed the first mathematical understanding slipped in there, very interesting.

Most of the ancient stuff was OK in fact (I'm sure they will be glad to hear). My major concern was really to do with the winning object.

I think it may have been a joke, so let's hope so.


This is a "Solar-powered lamp and charger". Mmmm-hum. This is it. Screw the wheel. A pretty poor source of green energy and a lamp. It's also clearly two objects.

It was chosen as it can "revolutionise the lives of poor people around the globe. The portable panel can provide up to 100 hours of light after just 8 hours of direct sunlight. It can also charge mobile phones and help bring power to millions of people around the world who have no access to an electrical grid."

Oh right yeh very helpful.

So I thought I had better add an item in myself.


This may be a personal addition to the list, but for me this was a stand out object in my life and I think it signifies our generation.

I remember when I heard the rumours about these "furby" creatures around Christmas time when I was probably quite young. All these whipsers circulating about how you had to drown them in the bath or they would live on forever, constantly needing food and attention. Then I remember the horror of actually recieving one of these things on the big day. My brother had suffered something of a breakdown and thrown his tamagotchi away the year before - he just couldn't handle the responsibility. Now I was getting burdened with this living gremlin.

So I choose the furby as the first indication of a life to come, full of mindless technological advancements, no longer with the basic intention of making life more simple, but instead driven by a tiny minority who understand the workings of an i-phone, and basically ruin our lives with their constant cries for upgrading.

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