Sunday, 22 February 2015

Kris Jenner's bad bitches

Last night's Bad Bitches was AWESOME. We had a really great turn out and everyone seemed to have a fun time.

Bad Bitches is a show put on by fellow Comedy Girl Courtney and features other Comedy Girl class mates, plus some amazing funny ladies - so it's a great way to meet other comedians. It's cool to be involved with putting on a show as we all get chance to be involved with poster making, organizing, promo etc.

I will be putting on my own show called Kris Jenner's Komedy Kids (already regretting the name choice it really makes no sense whatsoever), which will be a fundraiser for Sistering, which is a great women's charity just across from our venue, Bad Dog Theatre.

It will  be on March 8th, 2015 @ 8pm so put that in yo diary! Which just happens to be International Women's day also so bonus!

Also, it's pay what you can on the door so anyone can come :)

Will get cracking on the poster today and confirm the line-up - very excited!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

So no one told you we would overact this way...

My views on life by me.

There is an obscure 90's TV show called the Adam and Joe Show and in one show they do a Friends parody using toys called Furends, here is a video of it anyway..

Its starts with Mouse-Gunther describing Friends as "a bunch of self obsessed one dimensional characters". At the time I didn't really know what that meant, but now obviously I know that people are not like Friends characters - there isn't a stupid one, and funny one, a neurotic one etc., and any one person is likely all of those characters, and more, combined.

I think it is interesting that most people understand that their own personality is super complex; I have contradicting views, traits and feelings based on my own personal range of experiences, and I wouldn't expect any other persons understanding of the world to be quite like mine.

This is why I don't really understand why people have such a hard time with groups of people. It doesn't really help to stereotype a bunch of people as if they are one big group of Ross's or Rachel's.

I say that I am a feminist, and I'm happy to explain why; I think people should be treated equally as individuals, not by their gender, race, or any other factor. Obviously this encompasses more than just feminism, but the reason I say 'feminist' is because for some reason this 'ism' makes people wince. A lot of people say things like 'why don't you just say 'equality' or something instead? Well, the fact that a word, that basically just stands for equality, still has such negative connotations because it contains the word 'fem', shows there is still some way to go.

It feels like a waking limb

Why I started stand up comedy classes (Comedy Girl @ Comedy Bar);

a. I always kind of wanted to try stand up.

It felt weird to tell people this, especially at first, because it's like you are saying "hey, so I think I'm that funny", and that's embarrassing to admit. It's not like if you tell someone "I want to study math", because they don't already have an opinion on whether or not you suck at math.

b. I used to be super shy, but I cured my fear of public speaking by forcing myself to do lots of public speaking.

I joined my high school debating society (yes, I became a master-debater) and gradually became more and more comfortable speaking in front of larger groups of people. I ended up doing a speech I felt really passionate about in front of 200 people at a university and it went really well.

It's not like you can just leave it a that though, you have to keep at it or the fear comes back. So I like to keep putting myself in these situations in order to feel comfortable when I have to do public speaking at work (also why I auditioned for every TV show known to man while in university. Made it on the Weakest Link so yeah I'm pretty famous).

Anyway, one new thing I am learning at the moment is how I deal with self doubt. It's a really weird process, especially when it's something as subjective as 'whether or not this is actually funny' because really, there is no answer. It probably is (to me) and isn't (to you) at the same time and it really just depends. So it's hard to keep going with something that constantly makes you question yourself and wonder if you are just looking stupid and everyone is just being nice. It's super easy to just stop doing it, but I feel like in the end, it's a super rewarding exercise to keep pushing through those fears and thinking "ah f*** it, it's fun".

Lastly, please come see this show on Monday! It is incredibly exciting because it is Dawn Whitwell's weekly show with loads of awesome pro comedians who I have seen live and am super star struck to see in real life let alone perform on the same stage as (eeeeekkkk!)!!

Dawn Patrol @ Comedy Bar - 8.30pm