Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Share in my chocolate pocket

This post may be super self absorbed... so I'm sorry. But it's my blog so that's basically all this is anyway.

I just wanted to write down this to remind me later on in life, because I think it's pretty cool.

This time last year, I signed up for a marathon clinic. I cannot believe I was running about 5 days a week in this weather. It is like -20 degrees fyi. Anyway, this madness lead to some pretty awesome motivation. I was literally so motivated. It was so awesome. 

I was doing a great course after work at U of T and taking on new stuff at work whenever I could. I was also making friends with some awesome peeps who were all adding to my buzz, and so it snowballed.

Anyway, then I spontaneously combusted and ruined everything and now everybody hates me.

Joke, nothing bad happened. It was just an awesome period of my life. 

The point of this is really just how great it is when one decision to do something different starts a chain of other awesome stuff happening. 

The interesting part was that not only did it feel like a chain reaction, but it actually did form a weird real life chain... like the people I met on my course ended up being my colleagues at my new job I landed the day after finishing the course at U of T... and to top it all off, my office is now next to Mel Lastman square. Which is where the marathon literally begins. 

Anyway, I hope I remember this if/when my life ever takes a shit dive, because "this too shall pass" don'tcha know.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

This weird collection of olive oil tins I have at the cottage

In other news... I was sent a recording of my Bad Bitches comedy performance. It was weeeiiirrrdddd to here my strange hodgepodge accent blah blah blahhhhhing to some nice giggly audience folk. But interestingly the more you listen to yourself speak the less repulsive it feels so that's good.

The peeps who did the recording for our show did an awesome job, so I now have a super high quality little memo for if I ever want to embarrass my future children with my poo jokes - hit up fellow funny lady Courtney if you want info!

If you would like to be one of the friendly audience folk that frequent these shows, I shall be performing Dawn Patrol on Monday, February 16th! (If I have your number then you will be getting harassed about coming to this don't worry.)

Here is Courtney on tonight's bill!!

Dawn is a comedy genius and has unlocked the secrets of comedy to the extent that her wisdom is now passed down in the AWESOME FUN TIMES Comedy Girl classes you can take @ the Comedy Bar. 

I will finally be getting back to Comedy Girrrrrl class on Wednesday CANNOT WAIT. 

In fact, here is an incredible vid of the lady the myth the legend and the Comedy Girl thang...

I have a joke to make about a phone conversation this guy on the streetcar was having: "I am just going to sell the weird collection of olive oil tins that I have at the cottage" - I'm not sure what I am going to do with this but there must be something there right?

Me llama llama ding dong Siminion

Hi again peeps!

I told you this would remain a knitting and crocheting ("and crying about how lonely I am" - according to my little brother) blog... so here ya go! 

I made my favouritest a minion. She likes minions. And it formed a nice pun with her name.

It was supposed to be for Christmas but LOL the entire Christmas period lasted one minute it was impossible to fit anything in. As if it even happened already.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

I don't think you can handle this

My New Years resolutions, by the way, are as follows:

1. Write a novel
                        ...well finish at least one of my current masterpieces; 
  • 'A Krokodil Love Story' 
  • The story of a girl who gets heavily into the occult and persuades her cat to bite off her friends nipple in a fit of rage - no title as yet
  • A short story of a thing of indeterminate identity walking aimlessly along a roadside - no title as yet
As you can imagine, they all have film potential and I will probably be the next JK Rowling by 2016.

Let me know if there is one that takes your fancy and I will write it just for you.

Also, let me know if you know of a friendly disturbed writing group I could join :)

2. Finally complete my journey to meet Sum 41

Many people ask me, why did you move to Canada?

My 13 year old obsession with Sum 41, that's why.

I am here on an extended pilgrimage to meet my teenage heroes, and so far I have only gotten as far as working with someone who's friend in high school shared a hot tub with Dave Baksh.

I refuse to believe that after living this close to Ajax, the mecca itself, for the last four years, this is as far as I have come.

This year I will be stepping up my game. Let it be known! We will become best friends god dammit it's written in the stars...

(If you are interested to know my track record, last year I resoluted(?) to run a marathon and do stand up so I'm statistically 100% likely to succeed this year.)