Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Only my floors are crooked

Last night I performed my full stand up routine in front of an audience of five people.

It was an open mic night where first a load of pro comedians perform, then they do like a bucket lottery of names of all the amateurs. So names just keep getting picked out of the bucket until there are no more left / everyone goes home / both. 

We were there all night.

I got to perform a bit drunk which actually doesn't help. 1-2 glasses of wine = good. 3-4 drinks = bad. 

That was actually a really helpful lesson to learn.

Also I tried out a couple of new jokes (thnx 3-4 glasses) and they went OK.

I ran the stats, and although technically 2/6 people laughed at my jokes, one of them was my friend and therefore likely sympathy laughed. So that leaves 1/5 people laughing at my jokes.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? YES. 20%%%%%%%% of people find my jokes funny!!! Awesome stats. Almost a quarter of the population LOL at my funnies, true story. 

Including my new joke which is super lame about my blue 'spring water' scented shower gel being like a bread sandwich.

I also tried out my Honest Ed's chat up lines but I think I was actually the only one laughing.

Anyway, check out PrOpen @ The Comedy Bar, starts at 9pm on a Tuesday night.

Stole this cool pic from @pies.skye's instagram (Courtney Alysse Skye is one Funny Lady see her awesome blog here).

It runs super late so you kind of need to be on vacation / unemployed to stay long enough to perform, but the actual show is fun and finishes by like 11pm 

(ps. it's a total BroFEST so ladies get over there and do your thing!!) 

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

If she says it's Wednesday, then it's Wednesday

Why I LOVE Scott and Bailey;

* Women being awesome at their careers without judgemental side storylines suggesting the negative impact this may be having on their families / love lives / etc.
* Women working for each other without manufactured rivalry (actually supporting each other in fact WHAT?)
* Crimes are realistic and varied (as in, not just women / children being sexually assaulted and murdered HOW CAN THIS BE??)
* Female lead characters with actual real life personalities
* Women. With stand-alone personalities. In a TV show. That is not about women being in a TV show together

I know right. It's the future.

It's on Netflix so go watch it fun times yay (that's if you have 12 days straight off work for Xmas and New Year like me alriiiiight)!

Honey I'm home

Hello my dear 14 loyal subscribers from 2010,

I apologize for abandoning you for the last few years, I am sure it must have resulted in some emotional turmoil for you.

But it's OK I am back now.

There will still be knitting. I even dabble in crochet now.

I will also be keeping you updated with my comedy goings ons so it will be pretty intense and exciting so watch out.

Here is the poster from our latest show, my mum thought that I photoshopped our faces on and picked out 'me' from these old lady witches... [not the case]