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Theresa graduated from Dawn Whitwell’s Comedy Girl over a year ago and recently opened for Beth Stelling for one of her sold out shows at the Comedy Bar.  She regularly performs on booked shows across the city including Dawn Patrol and The Crimson Wave, and is a regular on monthly and weekly shows as part of the Laugh Your Butt Off and Bad Bitches collectives. She has also produced her own show, inexplicably named Kris Jenner’s Komedy Kids, to fundraise for Sistering. She made it through to the semi-final's of this year's Empire Comedy Brawl.
Originally from England, she has lived in Toronto for the last four years, where she now resides alongside her boyfriend and cat all alone, by herself (updated).
Obviously this was just written by me in the third person.
Follow me on Twitter if you want constant harassment - voted #1 Twitter Pest in the City (probably).
If you would like to contact me for anything else - I will almost definitely say yes, whatever it is:

"Deadpanning Brit Theresa Ramirez... It ends up being a pretty funny bit." - Globe and Mail
(If you follow the link you will see that I have taken a bit of a liberty here.)

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