Saturday, 18 July 2015

Why Lena Dunham can go Suck a F****

Lena Dunham posted this Instagram pic last night:

As you can imagine, I was seething with anger. Here's why:

1. 'Deep thoughts'

2. 'I am concerned not enough of us realized she was rude'
Daria was not rude, she just was devoid of insincerity. This is an important difference. Being rude is easy, and being insincere gets you a lot of friends and allows you to avoid awkward situations completely unscathed. Being sincere means you actually have to say how you feel when people make ignorant, uninformed or incorrect judgements. It's the difference between nodding along with a racist comment to save face and actually putting social conventions aside for a moment to say how you really feel. So yeh, Daria was not rude, she just had a zero tolerance policy for bullshit. To effect any real social change we all need to learn from this.

3. 'almost definitely had clinical depression'
No, Daria was almost definitely miserable, not depressed. On paper you, Lena, and Daria had relatively similar upbringings; you both grew up in a wealthy white family with supportive parents willing to fund whatever life choices you eventually decided on. The difference being that you lack any self awareness whatsoever and do not seem to ever question your incredible privilege and the social constructs that are in place to allow you this platform to go around making broad pro-feminist statements without ever acknowledging the deeper issues that surround the profound inequalities within society. If you were to do this, then you would be miserable too. Anyone who spends too much time acknowledging this is destined to a life of misery, unless they are able to put this towards effecting change in some way, which isn't super easy if you're still in high school.

4. 'could have benefited from therapy and maybe some medication'
Why? So we can all shake of our drab critical thinking and conform to being self-obsessed, nonchalant, entitled Girls just to avoid bumming you out during a conversation? And medication?? I'm fairly sure Daria was T-Total, which is fairly impressive as a subversive high school student. I really don't think pushing drugs on a person against their will, 'medical' or otherwise, in order to modify their personality in order to conform to societies expectations is necessarily a good idea Lena. 

5.  'I really don't feel she, like, moved to New York and took the city by storm unless she got some help.'
WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING. Do you even realize how precocious this sounds? Is this a joke? Did I take all this way too seriously when really you were just being entirely ironic? 

I had previously reserved judgement on you, thinking that perhaps your complete lack of self awareness was, although still exhausting, based on a simple kind of naivety. But the way you use your platform to promote easy, lazy feminism is probably doing more harm than good when you seem to be entirely incapable of reflecting any deeper for fear of becoming any kind of real life, thoughtful and concerned human. When it comes to dimensional characters, I think you are the cartoon here Lena.


  1. Cat fight! (kidding!)

    Love this! I've never seen someone jump to the defence of a cartoon before. (Well, a cartoon and what the cartoon represents.) I've also [*shame*] never seen Daria before, but I'm loving your thoughtful, well-articulated take.