Saturday, 11 April 2015

Stand-up mix the bourgeoisie and the rebel

I gots some opinions OK so listen up.

Everyone (Jezebel included) seemed to be really critical about Madonna's comedy debut. I mean like, I'm not concerned for Madonna's feelings here; she is a legend, an icon, MADONNA.

I'm not actually a huge fan btw, I grew up during her "Music... makes the people, come together..." ft. Ali G phase, which wasn't great (although I realized this after I purchased the album and listened to it like 100 times, so Madonna still came out on top).

Anyway, my opinion on Madonna is therefore relatively unbiased.

And I think that her stand-up debut was cool!

a. It was great to see a World Famous Icon Of Fame looking so natural and exposed. I think it really goes to show how intimate stand-up is; there's no filter to it. Even during interviews, thoughts/feelings/emotions are pretty premeditated or coerced. But stand-up is literally just stuff that naturally occurred to you walking around in your own head, that you decided to regurgitate in public. It's a weird form of entertainment when you think about it, and I think seeing someone so completely familiar to us, but in this setting, proves how strange a medium it really is. And I thought she was  funny!

b. I watch a lot of amateur comedy, but before I got into comedy I had only seen a couple of amateur shows. Unless you're a comedy nut, you probably base all of your comedic references on super established, super funny, famous comedians. Famous comedians have put 10 years worth of teeny iterations into their material to get it that reliably funny. That's not to say that amateur comedy isn't funny, it's hilarious and watching comedy live is always great as laughing is contagious and seeing people try stuff out can be exciting and there can be some really unique, spontaneous laughs. This went a bit off topic - point being that you can't expect someones first year or so in comedy to be like a Netflix special, but it can still be hilarious to go see live.

c. Most importantly; I think the reaction to this and her recent fall at the Brit awards plays nicely into the rhetoric that women over the age of 'conventionally sexy' can no longer be taken seriously/respected/celebrated unless they are Merryl Streep and just super demure.

So GO YOU MADONNA. You're paving the way for me to be a young living, kick ass-ing, comedian-ing woman for (fingers crossed) many years to come! And booooo to you Jezebel for not having her back here!

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