Friday, 10 April 2015

It's a low, low, low, low, happening

Hello youuuuuuu...

Just to remind you that come see this show on Saturday plllzzzzzz:

Really looking forward to it! 

I have been super busy recently and I am away next week but I am trying to keep going with the comedy stuff as it is lots of fun and I miss not doing it. 

This week I decided to swing by a workshop open mic night: 

WORKSHOP / Open mic @ The Central on Tuesday's @ 6.30pm

It was super helpful to get some feedback from a totally new group of comedians, and it's on my way home from work so it's pretty handy! 

It's probably been the longest I have gone without doing a show in a little while so I forget how nerve wracking it is going up in front of a bunch of skeptical strangers and just saying words you thought sounded funny in your head a little while ago. But the more times you do it the more you realize that even if not a single person laughs (hey, I have done this in front of an audience of 5 people), you go home in one piece and no one really remembers / gives a shit except you.

On that note, little tangent, I think that possibly, everyone just goes around in their  heads all day worrying about how they come across, what they said/shouldn't have said to their boss this morning... blah blah blah... but everyones so wrapped up in their own internal business that they're probably not thinking about you right now, ok.

I think that doing stand up and also going to a lot of comedy shows has helped my perspective a huge amount in 'real life'. 

The point being; what you take away from seeing a show is just an overall feeling of like, oh that was fun, kind of thing. No one really nit picks every little thing you do, except you. 

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  1. I love this post. Such a crucial realization for any performer. That fact dawned on me a few years ago, and it was a total revelation. Realizing that no really gives me a second thought has freed me in so many ways. And made me rock back and forth in a dark corner, but whatevs. The freeing bit makes the rocking bit worth it.