Thursday, 2 April 2015

She's a brain with bouncy hair; I can't compete.

Lots of fun comedy goings on have been going on in the last few weeks as many of my Comedy Girl pals are taking part in a comedy festival called Empire Comedy Brawl, which runs over the spring/summer with the top prize being $1,000 (plus yay you won). 

Anyway,  there are +350 comedians competing this year so it's a long competition, but my Comedy Girl class mates have been doing awesome so far!

If you would like (please please please please please please x 1,094,239,843,984) to come vote for me in this competition, please (please... etc) come to this one:

Lucky for me, it's right next to my house so I get to go see (most) of my friend's awesome shows :D

In other news, the Comedy Girl classes taught by Dawn Whitwell at the Comedy Bar were featured in an awesome article in the Globe and Mail, you can read that here... It's such a great article. 

Plus my friend at work pointed out that I can now use this quote in 'promotional materials' hehe...

"Deadpanning Brit Theresa Ramirez... It ends up being a pretty funny bit." - Globe and Mail

The classes were a great way to get into the incredible comedy community surrounding the Comedy Bar.  Love that place (it's essentially my second home). And as I have said like a million times, Dawn is awesome. You know this, I know this, I say it all the time, duh.

FINALLY I am doing this show next week:

I have a bio for West End Girls which I am ridiculously excited about and keep showing people, sorry. Not that big of a deal but w/e.

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