Saturday, 7 March 2015

There is no moment in life that can't be improved by pizza

So Daria is my favourite show of all time, I loved it on Channel 5 as a teenager and then I binge watched every single episode at university and started accidentally talking like Quinn.

Anyway, I just bought the DVD of the complete series for $20!! And it's estimated shipping is just before my birthday aaaaarrgghhhh so birthday plans = SORTED.

I am actually planning on having a cheese & chocolate fondu BYODip party for my birthday so look out for a lame fb invite coming your way - Daria will be looping in the background the ENTIRE TIME. And we will listen to chillwave all night from my playlist only.

I made these FUN Daria and Jane Lane make-out shirts for girlongirl, which I will be selling on Sunday @ Kris Jenner's Comedy Kids!!!! SO EXCITED FOR THIS.

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