Sunday, 15 February 2015

It feels like a waking limb

Why I started stand up comedy classes (Comedy Girl @ Comedy Bar);

a. I always kind of wanted to try stand up.

It felt weird to tell people this, especially at first, because it's like you are saying "hey, so I think I'm that funny", and that's embarrassing to admit. It's not like if you tell someone "I want to study math", because they don't already have an opinion on whether or not you suck at math.

b. I used to be super shy, but I cured my fear of public speaking by forcing myself to do lots of public speaking.

I joined my high school debating society (yes, I became a master-debater) and gradually became more and more comfortable speaking in front of larger groups of people. I ended up doing a speech I felt really passionate about in front of 200 people at a university and it went really well.

It's not like you can just leave it a that though, you have to keep at it or the fear comes back. So I like to keep putting myself in these situations in order to feel comfortable when I have to do public speaking at work (also why I auditioned for every TV show known to man while in university. Made it on the Weakest Link so yeah I'm pretty famous).

Anyway, one new thing I am learning at the moment is how I deal with self doubt. It's a really weird process, especially when it's something as subjective as 'whether or not this is actually funny' because really, there is no answer. It probably is (to me) and isn't (to you) at the same time and it really just depends. So it's hard to keep going with something that constantly makes you question yourself and wonder if you are just looking stupid and everyone is just being nice. It's super easy to just stop doing it, but I feel like in the end, it's a super rewarding exercise to keep pushing through those fears and thinking "ah f*** it, it's fun".

Lastly, please come see this show on Monday! It is incredibly exciting because it is Dawn Whitwell's weekly show with loads of awesome pro comedians who I have seen live and am super star struck to see in real life let alone perform on the same stage as (eeeeekkkk!)!!

Dawn Patrol @ Comedy Bar - 8.30pm 

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