Tuesday, 20 January 2015

This weird collection of olive oil tins I have at the cottage

In other news... I was sent a recording of my Bad Bitches comedy performance. It was weeeiiirrrdddd to here my strange hodgepodge accent blah blah blahhhhhing to some nice giggly audience folk. But interestingly the more you listen to yourself speak the less repulsive it feels so that's good.

The peeps who did the recording for our show did an awesome job, so I now have a super high quality little memo for if I ever want to embarrass my future children with my poo jokes - hit up fellow funny lady Courtney if you want info!

If you would like to be one of the friendly audience folk that frequent these shows, I shall be performing Dawn Patrol on Monday, February 16th! (If I have your number then you will be getting harassed about coming to this don't worry.)

Here is Courtney on tonight's bill!!

Dawn is a comedy genius and has unlocked the secrets of comedy to the extent that her wisdom is now passed down in the AWESOME FUN TIMES Comedy Girl classes you can take @ the Comedy Bar. 

I will finally be getting back to Comedy Girrrrrl class on Wednesday CANNOT WAIT. 

In fact, here is an incredible vid of the lady the myth the legend and the Comedy Girl thang...

I have a joke to make about a phone conversation this guy on the streetcar was having: "I am just going to sell the weird collection of olive oil tins that I have at the cottage" - I'm not sure what I am going to do with this but there must be something there right?

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