Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Share in my chocolate pocket

This post may be super self absorbed... so I'm sorry. But it's my blog so that's basically all this is anyway.

I just wanted to write down this to remind me later on in life, because I think it's pretty cool.

This time last year, I signed up for a marathon clinic. I cannot believe I was running about 5 days a week in this weather. It is like -20 degrees fyi. Anyway, this madness lead to some pretty awesome motivation. I was literally so motivated. It was so awesome. 

I was doing a great course after work at U of T and taking on new stuff at work whenever I could. I was also making friends with some awesome peeps who were all adding to my buzz, and so it snowballed.

Anyway, then I spontaneously combusted and ruined everything and now everybody hates me.

Joke, nothing bad happened. It was just an awesome period of my life. 

The point of this is really just how great it is when one decision to do something different starts a chain of other awesome stuff happening. 

The interesting part was that not only did it feel like a chain reaction, but it actually did form a weird real life chain... like the people I met on my course ended up being my colleagues at my new job I landed the day after finishing the course at U of T... and to top it all off, my office is now next to Mel Lastman square. Which is where the marathon literally begins. 

Anyway, I hope I remember this if/when my life ever takes a shit dive, because "this too shall pass" don'tcha know.

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