Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Only my floors are crooked

Last night I performed my full stand up routine in front of an audience of five people.

It was an open mic night where first a load of pro comedians perform, then they do like a bucket lottery of names of all the amateurs. So names just keep getting picked out of the bucket until there are no more left / everyone goes home / both. 

We were there all night.

I got to perform a bit drunk which actually doesn't help. 1-2 glasses of wine = good. 3-4 drinks = bad. 

That was actually a really helpful lesson to learn.

Also I tried out a couple of new jokes (thnx 3-4 glasses) and they went OK.

I ran the stats, and although technically 2/6 people laughed at my jokes, one of them was my friend and therefore likely sympathy laughed. So that leaves 1/5 people laughing at my jokes.

DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS? YES. 20%%%%%%%% of people find my jokes funny!!! Awesome stats. Almost a quarter of the population LOL at my funnies, true story. 

Including my new joke which is super lame about my blue 'spring water' scented shower gel being like a bread sandwich.

I also tried out my Honest Ed's chat up lines but I think I was actually the only one laughing.

Anyway, check out PrOpen @ The Comedy Bar, starts at 9pm on a Tuesday night.

Stole this cool pic from @pies.skye's instagram (Courtney Alysse Skye is one Funny Lady see her awesome blog here).

It runs super late so you kind of need to be on vacation / unemployed to stay long enough to perform, but the actual show is fun and finishes by like 11pm 

(ps. it's a total BroFEST so ladies get over there and do your thing!!) 

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