Tuesday, 30 December 2014

If she says it's Wednesday, then it's Wednesday

Why I LOVE Scott and Bailey;

* Women being awesome at their careers without judgemental side storylines suggesting the negative impact this may be having on their families / love lives / etc.
* Women working for each other without manufactured rivalry (actually supporting each other in fact WHAT?)
* Crimes are realistic and varied (as in, not just women / children being sexually assaulted and murdered HOW CAN THIS BE??)
* Female lead characters with actual real life personalities
* Women. With stand-alone personalities. In a TV show. That is not about women being in a TV show together

I know right. It's the future.

It's on Netflix so go watch it fun times yay (that's if you have 12 days straight off work for Xmas and New Year like me alriiiiight)!

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